About Us

Steinberg Dental Centres sets a standard for comprehensive oral health care and provides a noisy, happy and friendly environment for our patients with an A Team of Dental professionals.

Our philosophy is simple:
the dentistry we recommend to you is precisely what we recommend to our loved ones.

SDC Madoc is pleased to welcome a new face to our dental practice!

We invite our patients to drop by the office and meet the dynamic, charismatic and engaging Dr. Kevin Nedamat, D.D.S.

An easy-going nature, and soft chairside manner make Kevin a most valuable asset – and he is in your corner. Kevin’s ongoing commitment to excellence in dental treatment and continuing education ensure that he is up-to-date on the latest in both technique and approach.

Some may even consider him a sort of movie star! That’s how we like to see it! There’s a new spring in our step here in Madoc – and Dr. Kevin Nedamat is the reason!

We Strive To Exceed Even Our Expectations!

At Steinberg Dental Centres, we strive for excellence in dentistry and patient service.  You will receive the highest quality of dental care thanks to our team’s experience and desire to please.  Our dentistry focuses on providing the finest materials, methods and solutions for the longest lasting, most comfortable, functional, attractive and natural appearance possible.

We always work with one goal in mind: to greatly exceed even our expectations.  Our philosophy is simple: the dentistry we recommend to our loved ones is precisely what we recommend to you.